People Who Took Fishing To A Whole New Level

It’s never too late to mix it up, even when it comes to something that’s been tried and true for the last 40,000 years — fishing. Sure, tossing a worm in the water may have cut it in the past, but these days things aren’t so easy. Fish are getting smarter with each piece of bait they snatch off our lines, and so now we too must adapt… or at least make fools of ourselves while trying.

There’s nothing wrong with fishing the ol’ fashioned way, but if anyone is going to hook a prize-winning fish it’ll be these adventurous anglers. When you see the unorthodox methods that these fishermen are using to reel in the big ones, you’ll kiss those days of empty fishing buckets goodbye forever!

1. The Opportunist: The sight of raging flood waters definitely wouldn’t inspire a need to break out the fishing poles for most, but where some see disaster, this guy sees opportunity. Hopefully he just doesn’t snag his line on someone’s bumper…

2. Heart of the Sea: When this bride told her husband that the fish wouldn’t wait for them to get back from their honeymoon, she meant it. Truthfully, though, she just needed a chance to see it again — after all, the sea had always been her greatest love.

3. The Old Fashioned Way: Forget these newfangled fish finders and sonar technologies — this guy is the fish finder! Let’s just hope he actually spots a fish before the frostbite gets to him…

4. Rookie Mistake: After years of training to become a fish, this woman finally got her chance when a school of mahi-mahi casually swam by. Unfortunately, it looks like she forgot the first rule of being a fish — never swim near the shore!

5. Game On: Whatever this is, it needs to be a professional sport. Forget football, baseball, and the like — if waterski fish dunking isn’t the national pastime by 2020, then we’ve failed as a nation.

6. The Prehistoric Way: Before we had fancy fishing poles and 12-hook lures, cavemen caught fish through more primitive means — namely, by beating them with huge sticks. This fisherman has the right idea, though he’s not fooling any fish with his camo getup.

7. You Gotta Want It: Fishing has become so detached these days; it’s all just tossing out a line and hoping for a bite. A real fisherman isn’t afraid to get down and dirty, to take part in the struggle between man and beast, to dive into leech-infested waters, fully clothed.

8. Innovation: No water skis? No problem! Simply hook the biggest fish you can find and hold on for dear life as you’re yanked at 50 mph across open water. Just make sure you’re actually in the water before you do.

9. The Lap of Luxury: This guy definitely has the right idea — why go to the fish when the floodwaters will bring them right to you? Between that, the lounging pool, and a nice cold brewski, this man clearly deserves the award for comfiest fishing setup ever.

10. Not Like the Others: Yes, one of these fishing stands is not like the others. But which? Sure, the rightmost one has a touch of green on it, but other than that, these all appear to be perfectly identical fishing stands. No humans here.

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