Mommy Brings Home Newborn For 1st Time But It’s Puppy’s Reaction That’s Melting Everyone’s Heart

Like any only child, having the run of the house is something you become accustomed to. Only children don’t have other pets, humans or little ones to disrupt their day or interfere with their nap schedules. But things are about to change for this spoiled pup! Zayla the dog was given the upbringing of a lifetime – as the only cute little one in his home, he got all of Mom and Dad’s attention. But times, they are a-changin’. Mom’s belly grew over the course of nine months, and it’s finally time to introduce Zayla to her human sibling. Zayla’s reaction was absolutely hilarious and, thankfully, it was all caught on tape.

According to Animal Planet, dogs sense when women are pregnant. While they may not understand what exactly is happening to our bodies, they can comprehend that hormonal, physical and emotional changes are taking place. Things like our scent changing, furniture arriving and relatives visiting more often may tip off the pooch that something big is about to happen. Sometimes, this sudden shift in behavior may prompt your pup to become more defensive or skittish. That’s why it’s important to include the dog in the nesting process (as much as possible) and spend time cuddling when you can! Sadly, Zayla is completely thrown off by his new human sister laying on his spot on the bed!

Even though Mom and Dad gently introduced the pup to his human sister, it seemed as though Zayla wasn’t having it. At first, they though Zayla would be thrilled to meet the new addition to the family – but his reaction was much different than what they assumed. Take a peek at this uncertain first reaction below. This friendship is going to take some time to develop! But we’re sure things will turn around soon…

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