If You Think His Face Doesn’t Look Happy Wait Until You See The Look On Who He’s Sitting On

There’s no such thing as personal space when it comes to dogs who love their human family members. These hilarious pictures capture every space-hogging moment with their less than enthusiastic owners.


Too Content To Care
He didn’t give it much thought when his window seemed a little bit more comfortable than the last time he leaned over and took a nap in the car.


Sorry, Is This Seat Taken?
This little pug apparently didn’t realize that his chosen spot was already spoken for.


When Your Lap Isn’t Big Enough
Or at least, that’s what you tell yourself. Because, you wouldn’t dare tell your humongous Malamute that he’s not small enough to be a lap dog.


DIY Terrier Hat
It’s hard to tell where the dog begins and the human head ends. They are a salt-n-pepper match made in heaven!


An Awkward Encounter
Even dogs have their own personal space when it comes to other dogs!


Cuddles, I Need Cuddles!
This puppy just wanted a hug, pronto! He would have preferred anyone but the cat, but it looked like the cat was it.


He Wants His Chair
This Irish wolfhound doesn’t mind if there’s something – or someone – already in it.


His Expression Said It all
The younger one didn’t remember the couch being that low to the ground, but oh well! He had much better things to think about – like how to get that little piece of bacon unstuck from the carpet.


Siamese Dog?
Or double vision? Either way, this dog knows that the most comfortable personal space is the one that is occupied.


Where Ever He Goes…
…she goes. But, while she was there, I’m pretty sure she also wanted a double order of bacon with a side of sausage.


Nothing But Dog
When you can’t see anything in your field of vision except for the doggy, you know your personal space has been invaded.


Hiding In Suburbia…
…Superman’s Kryptonite 2.0 has been discovered. Be careful! It’s likely to make you weak at the knees and want to take a nap.


Isn’t She A Little Stinker
Okay, so she does kind of look like an overgrown skunk. I can completely understand his reaction!


Big vs. Little
It was a crushing blow when the big guy won. No, really – the big guy was totally crushing the little guy!


Polar Opposites
This greyhound came from another planet, where upside down was right-side up. But, whichever way you look at it, this is out-of-this-world cute!


She Needs A Bigger Pillow
This one is much too small for a dog of this size.


It’s A Dog’s World
Any way you look at it, dogs and the concept of personal space do not go together. In any dogs’ minds, you’re living in their space and they’re happy to share.

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