Funny People Who Waited Out Natural Disasters In Unconventional Ways

If you ever find yourself stranded in a storm — whether it’s a hurricane, blizzard, or tornado — there’s not much you can do besides wait it out. Until someone invents a machine that controls the weather, we only have so much power over Mother Nature.

But that doesn’t mean a good sense of humor doesn’t help. These creative individuals poked fun at the crazy weather around them and, against all odds, seemed to be having the time of their lives!

1. Safety experts recommend seeking high ground during a flood, which is a great excuse to hang out in bed all day. Even if those life jackets never see water, they do a decent job as extra pillows.

2. On the other hand, if water does fill up your home, you might as well have fun with it. This mom jumped at the chance to brush up on her kayaking skills! The outside of her house may be French style, but the interior feels exactly like Venice.

3. Even when you’re stuck doing chores, your sense of humor doesn’t have to go extinct. For this snow shoveler, a trip out in the cold became a blast thanks to his t-rex suit! Of course, it must have taken him all day with those tiny arms.

4. Sometimes, state nicknames are more optimistic than accurate. During hurricane season, Florida is anything but sunny — let alone open for business. On the bright side, the “remodeling” will keep out all the tourists for a little while.

5. Once it rains enough, you’ll try anything to get it to stop. This creative thinker ran outside and offered a Pepsi to the sky. Chances are that his plan didn’t work — it probably wanted a Coca-Cola.

6. During extreme weather, how can you tell if businesses are open? One shopping center in Niceville, Florida, came up with the handy solution of letting their sign decide for them!

7. When it comes to hurricane winds, you’ve just got to hang in there. This guy looks pretty content with his lot in life, despite the fact that the wind has got him nearly horizontal. He’s obviously got a good head on his shoulders to be that grounded.

8. No matter the weather, there’s always time for a quick round at your local watering hole. If you ever find yourself in this situation, make sure the bar isn’t too flooded. Otherwise, your sorrows won’t be the only things drowning.

9. You can’t get your summer beach bod ready too early. These bros braved the cold to catch some rays (but hopefully not some frostbite). But they seem okay — they come off as the type of guys who insist on wearing shorts all year round.

10. Plenty of Floridians evacuate the area during storms, but one supermarket chose to reward anyone who stuck it out with hurricane-themed cakes! That radar icing is just as reliable as the actual weather forecast, and infinitely more delicious.

11. Technically speaking, trying to sweep waves back into the ocean may not be smart or productive, but it’s the thought that counts. At the very least, he’s getting an intense cardio workout.

12. Instead of cleaning up the tree that fell in his front yard, this Tom Sawyer tried to trick his neighbors into doing it for him. With the “Some Assembly Required” clause, he’s basically offering an arts and crafts project.

13. Most shops and restaurants lock up their doors during extreme weather, so it’s always a surprise when any storefront is welcoming in customers. Judging by this sign, even the employees couldn’t believe they had to come in for work!

14. Hurricane winds can knock down colossal trees, but can’t shake the foundation of a good friendship. These guys refused to let a little rain mess up their social calendar. But did it ever occur to them that they could’ve just hung out inside?

15. As destructive as tornadoes can be, some homeowners — particularly those with insurance — face them with a smile. After the better part of this house ended up gone with the wind, its inhabitants humorously spun the damage as a makeover.

16. Even if your car doesn’t have four-wheel drive, that doesn’t mean you can’t traverse flooded roads. All you really need is a wakeboard and a truck, and voila! Your commute just became faster and more fun than ever before.

17. Most people think of boarding up their windows as a chore. This Avatar: The Last Airbender fan, on the other hand, saw it as a chance to pay tribute to his favorite show. It’s the next best thing to actually being able to control the elements.

18. Nature gives as often as it takes. If you don’t believe us, just ask these kids, who had a trampoline drift into their backyard during a storm! Maybe next hurricane season, they can ask for an Xbox.

19. While watching news coverage of Hurricane Irma, one keen-eyed viewer tweeted that this reporter looked like he was trying to deliver the Krusty Krab pizza. With all the water swirling around him, he might as well be living in a pineapple under the sea.

20. There are many ways to laugh in the face of Mother Nature. In the end, there’s no more graceful way to kick back during a storm than to enjoy an indoor pool. No one can rain on your parade when you’ve got a roof, walls, and temperature control.

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