Designers Who Truly Impressed With Their Utter Genius

The wheel, the light bulb, the doorbell that plays your favorite song — every great invention began with an idea. And these developments aren’t just in the past. In today’s fast-paced technological society, the world is changing quicker than ever.

Though we’ve all seen drones and smartphones, many of these design innovations are happening right under our noses. Bridging the gap between functional and fun, these clever ideas each deserve a standing ovation.

1. Sure, most of us throw away pizza boxes once we finish eating. But you just might want to hang onto these boxes, as the insides pop out to look like a tuxedo. Finally, you can dress to the nines and not freak out when you spill sauce down the front of your shirt!

2. With all due respect to the Brooklyn and the London, Vietnam’s Golden Bridge might just be the coolest in the world. Tourists from all over come to walk it and admire the view. Don’t worry about the bridge toppling either; you’re in good hands.

3. In cities like Rome that have narrow, winding streets, UPS can’t use its usual trucks. That’s why they’ve developed special bike trucks to deliver packages, and to give their drivers a chance to put those shorts into action.

4. Can public spaces be both beautiful and functional? Architect Yong Ju Lee wouldn’t have it any other way. One of his most famous works is this root bench in Seoul, South Korea. Its tendrils even rise up and down to create benches and tables.

5. Here’s an easy way to make shopping more fun: when you visit certain LEGO stores, they will send you on your way with a bag that transforms you into one of their famous figurines! Or at least your hand, anyway.

6. This smiley face has a very serious message behind it. Rudolf Kohn, a Miami artist, took the remains of a mangled car and transformed them into a jumbo-sized emoji, all as a warning against texting while driving.

7. Even if you’ve got the drabbest suburban view possible, you can still feel like you’re in the big city with these curtains. They filter in the perfect amount of sunlight to create the Manhattan skyline, lit up by stars and skyscrapers.

8. When it comes to bathroom innovation, no country in the world can hold a candle to Japan. Besides having the built-in bidet, this model plays ambient sounds to cover up any less pleasant noises that may erupt.

9. Anyone who’s ever broken a bone knows that casts are itchy and annoying. But thanks to these 3D printed models, you can go about your business without any clunky plaster around your arm or leg. You can even take these casts into the shower!

10. These leather-bound tomes take cover design to the next level, illustrating the continual decline of Rome with their crumbling pillars. Just about everyone will be impressed by this clever layout — except for the Romans.

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